A/Prof Sanjay Patel
MB BS (Hons 1 Sydney) PhD FRACP FCANZ

  • Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney
  • Director, Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories and Staff Specialist, Department of Cardiology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Cardiologist (Visiting Medical Officer) Strathfield Private Hospital
  • A/Professor Sanjay Patel is a Staff Interventional Cardiologist and Director of the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital; Group Leader at the Heart Research Institute and Clinical Associate Professor at the Sydney Medical School.

    He was awarded his MBBS (Hons 1) from the University of Sydney in 2000; completed his advanced Cardiology training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in 2006; and his doctoral studies in 2009, supported by a NHF postgraduate research scholarship. He then undertook postdoctoral studies at Stanford University, whilst simultaneously training in interventional cardiology at Stanford University Medical Centre (2009-2010), supported by an NHMRC CJ Martin Overseas Fellowship Grant.

    A/Professor Patel has specific expertise in complex coronary intervention, intra-coronary imaging, renal artery denervation and transcatheter structural procedures (including PFO/ASD closure, balloon mitral valvuloplasty, prosthetic perileak closure). He also established a CT coronary angiography co-reporting service at RPAH and Alfred Imaging and currently holds level A CT certification.

    As a cardiovascular researcher, he has published over 100 research papers and abstracts; and leads a translational coronary disease program at RPAH and HRI, with a specific focus on drug therapies targeting arterial inflammation. This program has attracted over $1millon in peer-reviewed research funding.

  • Management of complex coronary artery disease, including complex disorders of cholesterol metabolism and reversing atherosclerosis.

    Radial approach coronary intervention, as well as interventions for structural heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and renal artery denervation.

  • 2011

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