Our History

Central Sydney Cardiology was formed in the late 1990s when a group of cardiologists who were not only clinicians but also had academic and teaching interests, combined to form a private practice in which patients were seen in consultation by doctors who continued to be closely involved in teaching and research. Since our inception, our emphasis has been on excellence in medical care based on best practice principles, including the very latest developments in heart disease research.

Historically hospitals and their outpatient departments provided the bulk of specialist care but over the last 15 to 20 years there has been a fundamental shift to a much greater proportion and complexity of patient care given out of hospital by medical specialists in their consulting rooms.

Central Sydney Cardiology occupies a relatively unique space in this changing landscape because of our shared commitment to the provision of cardiology care in a clinical academic environment.

We treat the full range of adult heart disease but over the years many of us have developed particular skills and areas of subspecialisation within cardiology. Our cardiologists work closely together, consulting with our colleagues in the practice if patients need their expertise just as we do in the teaching hospitals (RPAH and SPH) and University (Sydney) at which we also work.

Consultants collaborate closely with the patient’s General Practitioner as this is an integral and critically important part of managing patient care. Also fundamental to our practice is the constant integration of new medical technology and treatments. This entails a commitment by all our staff – medical, technical and administrative – to adapt to change and to ongoing development and training.