Dr Sean Lal
BMedSci (Hons1), MBBS (Hons) (USYD), MPhil(Med), PhD(Med), FRACP

  • Clinical Academic Cardiologist, University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Consultant Cardiologist, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
  • Consultant Cardiologist, Strathfield Private Hospital
  • Dr Sean Lal is an Academic at the University of Sydney and a Consultant Cardiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He completed his undergraduate degree in Medical Science with first class honours at the University of Sydney, having been awarded a full academic scholarship. He pursued his graduate Medical Degree (MBBS) and a Master of Medicine by research (MPhil) at the University of Sydney, where he was awarded the Dean's Scholarship, the Medical Foundation Scholarship and the University of Sydney Bercovici Medal. As a medical doctor, Sean completed all of his general and specialty clinical training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. During his cardiology training, he was awarded a National Churchill Fellowship to study mechanisms of cardiac regeneration at Harvard Medical School.

    Sean has a clinical and research interest in heart failure. For his PhD in this field, he was awarded a combined National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and National Heart Foundation (NHF) Scholarship, as well as the NHMRC and Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) scholarship for research excellence.

    He was also awarded a Commonwealth Endeavour Postgraduate Fellowship to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he undertook proof of concept studies demonstrating the intrinsic regenerative capacity of the human heart following myocardial infarction.

    Sean is Block Chair for Cardiovascular Medicine. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Visceral Anatomy and the Course Coordinator for Cardiac, Endocrine, Abdominal, Pelvic and Renal Anatomy for the Sydney Medical (MD) Program.

    Sean is the Director of the Sydney Heart Bank and the Head of the Cardiac Research Laboratory in the School of Medical Sciences at Charles Perkins Centre, which focuses on basic science and translational research into human heart failure. He is also the Chair of the Heart Failure Council for Australia and New Zealand.

    In a collaboration with Dr John O'Sullivan, also from the Charles Perkins Centre, Sean and John have established the Precision Cardiovascular Laboratory, which aims to correlate serum biomarkers of cardiovascular disease with pathogenic and age-related changes in human heart tissue via integration of the cardiac genome, transcriptome, metabolome and proteome.
  • General cardiology


    Cardiac imaging including transesophageal echocardiography

    Heart failure

    Cardiac regeneration strategies

    Teaching in the medical sciences      
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