Prof Anushka Patel

Chief Scientist, The George Institute for Global Health
Executive Director, The George Institute India
Professor of Medicine, University of Sydney
Cardiologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Consultant Cardiologist, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
  • Professor Anushka Patel is a professor in the Sydney Medical School, the Chief Scientist of The George Institute for Global Health and an honorary cardiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

    She completed her undergraduate medical training at the University of Queensland in 1989, and her training in cardiology (leading to Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of Physicians) in Sydney.

    She has a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology from Harvard University and a PhD in Medicine from the University of Sydney. Both in her research and clinical practice, Professor Patel has a particular focus on cardiovascular preventive care. She currently holds a National Health & Medical Research Council Senior Research Fellowship and supervises a number of doctoral students from Australia and overseas.
    1. Management of blood pressure and lipids

    2. General Cardiology
  • Selected recent publications (click here more complete list)
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