International Patients

International Patients

Our staff are able to assist patients living overseas who wish to travel to Australia to receive medical treatment by our cardiologists. Contact:

We provide a comprehensive consultation and non-invasive investigation service thorough our consulting rooms and laboratories in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Medical Centre and hospital based care at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital ( and Strathfield Private Hospital ( In general, hospital care is in the private sector as no Australian patient can be disadvantaged by the admission to a public hospital of an overseas patient.

Pre-arrival arrangements

Before arrival we will review all of the available medical information in detail which includes all correspondence and investigations including electrocardiograms (ECGs), echocardiograms, coronary angiograms, interventions and operation reports. This information will be reviewed by one of our cardiologists who will liaise with overseas specialists as required.

A schedule of consultations and appropriate investigations will be organised and our staff will provide you with an estimate of the costs of treatment before final scheduling. Interpreters can be organised if required.

We do not perform cardiac surgery but work closely with our Cardiothoracic surgical colleagues based on the same campus (Sydney Cardiothoracic Surgeons – (Cardiothoracic Surgery –

Visa requirements

If you are not an Australian citizen or resident, a visa is required for those wishing to travel to Australia for medical treatment. Guidelines on how to apply for such a visa are available on the Department of Immigration and Citizenships website (

Departure arrangements

A comprehensive medical dossier of reports and investigation results will be provided on departure and liaison with overseas specialists as needed.