Prof John O’Sullivan

MB BCh BAO, MMedSci, PhD, Cert. Biostat (Harvard), FRACP, FRCPI, FAHA


Prof John O’Sullivan

Prof John O’Sullivan

  • Professor of Cardiometabolic Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney
  • Clinical-Academic Cardiologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Director, Heart Failure Alliance
  • Director, HFpEF Clinic, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Professor of Medicine, TU Dresden, Germany

Professor John O’Sullivan is a Clinical-Academic Cardiologist specialising in Heart Failure. He is the inaugural Professor of Cardiometabolic Medicine at the University of Sydney and Department of Cardiology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

He is a Level 2 NHF Future Leader Fellow, and co-Director of the HFpEF (“Stiff Heart Failure”) Clinic at RPAH. He is Director of the Heart Failure Alliance across SLHD and WSLHD, incorporating RPAH, Concord, Westmead, and Blacktown Hospitals. John is Lead Principal Investigator on two clinical trials in HFpEF: CardioNAD (ACTRN12622000340730) at RPAH, and pEFNAD (ACTRN12622000372785) across the Heart Failure Alliance, which are extensions of his discoveries in the laboratory. John is an international expert in heart failure bioenergetics, whose expertise is sought internationally by national grant bodies, in addition to medical and cardiac societies. John’s clinical practice at Central Sydney Cardiology focusses on Heart Failure and Early Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD). John’s discoveries have been translated to clinical biomarkers, Medicare Item Numbers, and new diagnostic assays.

John completed his medical and cardiology training in Ireland, the USA, and Australia, and spent 4 years on a postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. After foundational clinical training in cardiology, subspecialising in Heart Failure, he undertook a PhD in cardiovascular physiology, and then postdoc specialist training in metabolomics, functional genomics, and bioenergetics. John’s PhD work was awarded with Young Investigator Awards at the Irish Cardiac Society, American College of Cardiology, and American Heart Association (separate projects). John’s postdoctoral work was recognised with another Young Investigator Award at the American Heart Association, a Harvard Medical School Tosteson Award, and an MGH Poster of Distinction Award.

John has established a bench-to-bedside Heart Failure program of research underpinned by the strong governance structure of his Heart Failure Alliance, incorporating murine models of heart failure, ex vivo Langendorff and Working Heart Cardiac Perfusion models, a human “beating heart slice” model, primary human cardiomyocytes, stable-isotope cardiac substrate tracing, a heart failure biopsy program, a transcardiac heart failure gradient program, and a HFpEF clinic. The Alliance has also incorporated a community and consumer advisory group, health economists, and commercial partnerships obtaining novel tool compounds with promising efficacy in heart failure. In addition to publishing in the most highly ranked biomedical journals, obtaining continuous competitive funding, John has a track record of commercialisation. In 2016 he discovered a novel biomarker (first entered in the Human Metabolome Database in 2017), that received a Medicare Item number and is routinely measured by NSW Health Pathology. John’s expertise has been sought by the Medical Research Councils of the EU, UK, Norway, and New Zealand, and he is a Member of the Novel Cardiovasular Risk Assessment Expert Subgroup reporting to the Australian Department of Health. John is committed to improving the lives of patients living with heart failure.

  • John has clinical and research interests in heart failure, particularly Heart Failure preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF), a type of heart failure that now accounts for more than half of all heart failure cases, but for which there are no treatments. He uses a range of tools to study this disease, including cardiac MRI. Employing new insights from his HFpEF research program, he aims to offer the most up-to-date, evidence-based therapeutic strategies to help patients with this disease.
  • John has a strong clinical interest in cardiometabolic disease: how unhealthy diet, overweight / obesity, and insulin resistance interact with cardiovascular disease, driving atherosclerosis and heart failure. He also studies the role of the microbiome in these diseases.
  • Cardiovascular prevention, particularly how to employ the latest evidence in dietary science and exercise to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease, is a core focus of John’s clinical interests.

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